Stable Slide Self-Feeding Support

Independent Self-Feeding During Meals

This dining aid makes it easier for users to eat independently. The device provides support for people with upper extremity weakness or poor motor control. This makes it the ideal device for people with multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and other conditions that affect motor control.

Dining Aid Provides Support While Eating

The Stable Slide’s sleek design supports your arm during the entire feeding motion. The device effortlessly guides your arm as you move it from the plate to your mouth. Use the included roof attachment to help maintain your arm’s position on the slide and provide additional control while eating.

How to Use The Stable Slide Self-Feeding Support

Clamp the device to the side of the table and adjust the height and angle to fit your needs using the included hex wrench. Next, rest your forearm on the slide for support as you gather food onto your utensil. Then, using a simple sliding motion, move your wrist into the top section of the device. The Stable Slide gives you stability and support while bringing food to your mouth and while eating. The dining aid offers tactile biofeedback which helps reduce tremors and increase your control.

  • Provides the arm support you need for eating independently
  • Device is height and angle adjustable, includes optional roof attachment for extra support
  • Supports the upper extremity during the self-feeding process from plate to mouth
  • The Stable Slide guides your arm and lessens the amount of muscle strength needed for self-feeding
  • Latex free

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