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Adidas Home Gym

Functional and versatile, the adidas Home Gym offers all the tools for full body strength training. With a dynamic pulley system, the gym allows effic..

RM 4,990.00

Adidas Home Rig

Made from solid steel with a compact footprint, the adidas Home Rig combines compound and isolated training for total strength workouts. Featuring a p..

RM 4,390.00

Adidas Power Tower

Designed for bodyweight training, the adidas Power Tower helps develop the chest, back, arms and abs with simple compound movements. Built with a soli..

RM 1,690.00

Adidas Premium Gym Ball - 65cm

A home gym essential, the adidas Gymball helps strengthen and tone your core with a range of stability exercises. Made from anti-slip material, the ba..

RM 198.00

Adidas Premium Yoga Mat - Mystery Ruby (PVC)

Designed for yoga, Pilates and general exercise, the 5mm Premium Mat is both lightweight and rollable. Made from a malleable TPE material, the Premium..

RM 198.00

Adidas Training Bench

With six levels of position adjustment and a removable preacher pad, the adidas Training Bench accommodates compound and isolated movements. Ideal for..

RM 1,690.00

Adidas Utility Bench

A versatile training tool, the adidas Utility Bench is the ideal platform for upper body workouts. Built with thick 2.5” padding and foam ankle suppor..

RM 1,190.00

Adidas Yoga Mat - (Raw Green & Mystery Ruby)

Built for yoga, Pilates and general ground exercise, the 8mm mat provides cushioning and stability; with a non-slip texture increasing traction for st..

RM 138.00