Dr Wolff Back Therapy Center

State-of-the-art back training

  • Segmental stabilization
  • Motoric control of the lumbar spine
  • Training the deep-lying musculature

Segmental stabilization
Current research consistently proves the positive effects of the segmental stabilization of the lumbar spine. Two main muscles are responsible for the lumbar spine: the deep-lying muscles M. transversus abdominis and the M. multifidus lumbalis. These are less large and strong than the movement muscles. Rather, they are sensible muscles to settle, to stabilize and to align individual vertebral bodies to the correct biomechanical position to protect the intervertebral disc from wrong loads.

Motoric control of the lumbar spine
Many back-patients have lost the important motoric control of the lumbar spine. Training demanding coordination exercises in the Back-Therapy-Center improves the motoric control and
constitutes the basis for subsequent training. 

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Certification: DIN EN ISO 20957 T 1

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