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Kettler Axos Ab Training Bench

The exercising bench for effective abdominal workouts. The incline and leg cushion are variably adjustable. When folded up, it is needs very little st..

RM 690.00

Kettler Axos Universal Training Bench

Use the Kettler training bench Axos UNIVERSAL for a wide-range & effective free weight training at home. Due to wide-range adjusting of seat &..

RM 990.00

Kettler Axos Weight Bench

Ideal for strength training for muscle building. Equipped with a barbell rack & a leg curl. In addition, a separately available curlpult can be at..

RM 1,990.00

Kettler Berlin S2 Treadmill

Form and function meets compactness and economy in Kettler's new Berlin series of treadmills. The S2 is a feature-rich and durable exercise machine in..

RM 5,990.00

Kettler Chromed Fixed Dumbbell 2.5kg (1pc)

Kettler chrome dumbbells can be incorporated into your existing workout at any time and any place. Their high quality and shine also make for a touch ..

RM 90.00

Kettler Cycle M (Black/Yellow)

A rpm-dependent magnetic brake system with resistance settings in 8 steps, a 6 kg flywheel, hand pulse sensors integrated in the hand grips and an eas..

RM 1,990.00

Kettler EcoBike M Ergometer Upright Bike

Magnetic-Tension with 6kg FlywheelMonitor: 5.5 inch LCD with Tablet/Phone holderDimension: 110 x 56 x 150 cmMax. User Weight: 120 kg..

RM 1,900.00 RM 1,680.00

Kettler EcoBike P Ergometer Upright Bike

A programmed magnetic system with resistance setting in 32 levels, a 7kg flywheel, hand pulse sensor, and up to 150kg user weight, are among the key f..

RM 2,390.00

Kettler EcoBike RM

Ecobike RM model for anyone who wants to, or has to, protect their back. This bike comes with premium quality and easy to to operate with simple menu ..

RM 3,390.00

Kettler EcoRun R5

Ecorun R5 treadmill comes with 36 pre-set programs and up to 3 user programs. It have 2.5HP motor and up to 15 levels of incline. Ecorun R5 is a truly..

RM 5,990.00

Kettler ERGO C8 Ergometer Upright Bike

Ergo C8 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-performance, watt-powered drive system.The induction brake system has a peak output of up ..

RM 6,690.00

Kettler ERGO E5 Ergometer Upright Bike

The 4-user memory of the E5 will have the whole family fit in no time at all! The backfit training computer includes the "Heart Rate Light" function f..

RM 6,390.00

Kettler Giro C1

Perfect for curves. Including heart curves. This exercise bike, with its manually adjustable magnetic brake system with eight resistance levels and a ..

RM 2,390.00

Kettler Giro C3 Upright Bike

Premium quality and easy to operate training computer with simple menu navigation, storage space for four users and one guest, display of current hear..

RM 2,990.00

Kettler Giro R3 Recumbent Bike Comfort Cardio Fitness Training

Go for a ride in your living room. The GIRO R3 is easy on your back and perfect for getting into shape. The magnetic brake system with motor-driven ad..

RM 3,990.00

Kettler Golf C2

As successor to the popular Golf, the new Golf C2 also scores with known solid values that make the daily training enjoyable. The ease of use and the ..

RM 3,990.00

Kettler Golf C4

The KETTLER GOLF C4 Upright Exercise Bike combines high performance and quality components with state-of-the-art computer features . While the LCD tra..

RM 4,390.00

Kettler Hexagon Dumbbells for Strength Training and Home Fitness

Kettler Hexagon dumbbells -used to exercise all major muscle groups, including arms, chest, back, abs, legs and core for any age.Rubber coated ends fo..

RM 36.00

Kettler Kettlebells

Neoprene Kettlebells have become an integral part of functional training. There are a variety of training possible with Kettle bells including high ef..

RM 58.00

Kettler Premium Yoga Mat - 6mm & 8mm

6mmThe Yoga Mat is a must for all balance, yoga and pilates exercises.Regardless of the floor surface, the mat offers a firm hold and thanks to the in..

RM 198.00

Kettler Racer 1

Entry level equipment into the world of bike exercisers. Those who prefer a sporty ride will thoroughly enjoy the Racer 1. Featuring an 18kg flywheel ..

RM 3,390.00

Kettler Racer 2 Sprinter Bike for Cardio Fitness Training

Working out on a sprinter bike is one of the most highly recommended cardio exercises. Kettler Racer 2 comes with 20 kg heavy duty steel and built-in ..

RM 3,990.00

Kettler Track S10 Premium Home Treadmill

Compared to running in nature, the impact load during training on the treadmill is more controllable. Running units on the KETTLER TRACK S series are ..

RM 12,900.00

Kettler Track S6 Premium Home Treadmill

Compared to running in nature, the impact load during training on the treadmill is more controllable. Running units on the KETTLER TRACK S series are ..

RM 8,800.00

Kettler Unix P

This cross trainer will help you conquer new heights! On its backlit and tilting display, you can control eight functions during your workout at any t..

RM 6,990.00

Kettler Vinyl Dumbbell (1 Pair)

Targeted muscle development and improvement of strength endurance. These Power Products are readily available and emphasise safety, which is incredibl..

RM 28.00

Kettler Foot Band 1Kg Pair

Ankle weights provide continued muscle stimulation and are an optimal supplement to your training.FeaturesGood addition for your workout sessionsErgon..

RM 45.00

Kettler 2 In 1 Stepper Mini Exercise Stepper

Get a great workout without putting pressure on your joints with this 2-In-1 Stepper from Kettler Fitness. This workout machine has an adjustable step..

RM 320.00

Kettler Adjustable Nylon Ankle & Wrist Weights (Pair)

Worn around the ankles or wristsStrengthens the effect of muscle trainingVersatile tool that adds the element of weight training to various workouts a..

RM 45.00

Kettler Adjustable Spring Grip Hand Grip Exercise

Dial for adjustable tensile resistanceMechanical hand grips exercise in two strengthsStrong high tensile steel spring coil resistanceIncrease grip str..

RM 28.00

Kettler Adjustable Wrist Weights 1kg (Pair)

Strengthens the effect of muscle training.Versatile tool that adds the element of weight training to various workouts and activities.Thumb loop design..

RM 45.00

Kettler Aerobic Dumbbell 1kg (Pair) Weights

Recognising and setting trends. For more than 60 years, Kettler has shaped the sports and leisure market with cutting-edge product solutions.Be it fit..

RM 42.00

Kettler Aerobic Stepper

Great for workout classes and regular home use, you can work out anywhere in your home or officeThis  exercise stepper will help you work on your..

RM 320.00

Kettler Agility Ladder

Kettler Agility Ladders are great for developing quick and accurate foot speed, increased balance, and coordination. Crossfit gyms, sports teams, and ..

RM 98.00

Kettler Ankle Weights Foot Bands 1kg (Pair)

Worn around the anklesStrengthens the effect of muscle trainingVersatile tool that adds the element of weight training to various workouts and activit..

RM 45.00

Kettler Deluxe Figure Trimmer

Slim your waist and trim your love handles, hips and thighs with the fun Figure TrimmerLow-impact workout that strengthens your core and improves your..

RM 95.00

Kettler Digital Rope

The digital rope means you no longer have to bother counting jumps – energy consumption, training time and number of jumps are recorded for you.With t..

RM 58.00

Kettler Gym Ball

Suitable for body stabilizing balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. After training, the GYM BALL BASIC can be used as a seat to ..

RM 62.00

Kettler Jump Rope

One of the best cardio-aerobic exercise tools ever inventedUltra-portable and lightweightAppropriate for all agesSwing smoothly with less effort, unco..

RM 28.00

Kettler Neoprene Dumbbell 10kg (In Pair) Weights

Constructed of solid cast iron core for increase durability, toughness and stabilityWill not break or bend after repeated useNon-slip neoprene skin is..

RM 170.00