Stella Bio EMG-Triggered EMS and FES (Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Functional Electric Stimulation) Device

Stella Bio - Electromyography And Electrical Stimulation For Clinical And Home Use

A lightweight and versatile device that can assist any kind of patient and enhance their therapy

For Neurological Conditions

Patients after stroke, spinal cord injury (SCI) and all other neuro-muscular disorders can benefit from Stella BIO:
  • regain of lost function
  • strengthen muscle
  • decrease spasticity
  • improve coordination

For Pain & Orthopedic Conditions

For those, who suffer from acute or chronic pain, the device can help with:
  • back and neck pain
  • joint pain (hand, elbow, shoulder, foot, knee, hip)
  • post-operative pain
  • prevention of muscle disuse

For Sport Recovery

Healthy athletes can benefit from sport programs:
  • exercise prep
  • active recovery
  • endurance training
  • strength training
  • massage

For Pelvic floor Training

Stella BIO is a great tool to improve:
  • urinary incontinence (urge, stress and mixed)
  • fecal control
  • sexual dysfunction
  • pelvic floor dyssynergia - constipation

The Innovative Concepts Behind Stella Bio
  1. EMG-triggered functional electrical stimulation (EMG-FES, FES)
  2. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
  3. Electromyography measurements and biofeedback (EMG Biofeedback)
  4. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

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