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Gymnic Multiform set 16 Piece Set

The Multiform Set is composed by soft geometrical forms which can be used to create small structures and carry out educational activities. It is ideal..

RM 220.00

Gymnic My Pony 45 cm (Orange/Yellow) Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

The lovely little face of the Pony changes the ball into an inseparable playmate. It helps improving children’s coordination and balance, by matching ..

RM 155.00

Gymnic Oppy Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

The Oppy ball is a version of the Hop ball. It differs in terms of handle (the Oppy ball has two separate handles) and of sizes. It helps improving ch..

RM 108.00

Gymnic Opti Ball Gym Ball

The Opti Ball gym ball is the transparent version of the Gymnic Classic ball. It allows the patients’ movement to be monitored. Its transparency makes..

RM 148.00

Gymnic Over-Ki Ball Exercise Ball

The Over Ki ball exercise ball is used during the Pilates, Yoga, Chi Ball classes and as a tool for relaxation techniques. Thanks to its small size an..

RM 38.00

Gymnic Physio Activity Roll 55 cm Transparent Foam Roller

The Physio Activity Roll gym ball is a version of the classic Physio Roll with coloured small balls inside the roll itself. These small balls, togethe..

RM 380.00

Gymnic Physio Roll Gym Ball

The Gymnic Physio Roll gym ball has been used in the physiotherapy sector for many years and it is ideal for those who have coordination and balance d..

RM 220.00

Gymnic Physio Roll Plus Gym Ball

The Gymnic Physio Roll gym ball Plus has been used in the physiotherapy sector for many years and it is ideal for those who have coordination and bala..

RM 330.00

Gymnic Plus BRQ Gym Ball

The Gymnic Plus ball gym ball represents the technical evolution of the Gymnic Classic ball. It ensures the same resiliency and performance as the Gym..

RM 155.00

Gymnic Power Pump

This double action hand pump is ideal to inflate medium and large size balls quickly (Up to 120 cm).Capacity: 2 x 2900 cc..

RM 230.00

Gymnic Raffy Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

Raffy the rabbit, the new arrival in the family, is ready to jump with all the children who love dynamic and entertaining games. Thanks to the removab..

RM 238.00

Gymnic Reflexball Physiotherapy Massage Ball

The Reflexball Physiotherapy Massage Ball is conceived for massage, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercises. The good balance between solid..

RM 19.00

Gymnic Ritmic 280 Gymnastic Training Exercise Ball

This version of the Ritmic 400 ball differs only in weight. With a 280 gram weight it allows a lower impact training. This product can be inflated wi..

RM 55.00

Gymnic Ritmic Original 400 Gymnastic Training Exercise Ball

This is a Ritmic 400 gram ball for rhythmic gymnastics which complies with this discipline standards. It is suggested both for training and competitio..

RM 78.00

Gymnic Rocking Base for Rody, Raffy, Giffy, and Kody Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

Hard plastic rocking base to be applied to Rody, Gyffy and Raffy items. By inserting the feet into the special openings, it turns our friends into a s..

RM 168.00

Gymnic Rody MAX Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

Rody Max Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy, which is dedicated to older children, is the « large » version of the Rody horse. It is a dynamic toy and a valu..

RM 520.00

Gymnic Sens'o'Roll 50 cm (Orange) Gym Ball

The shape of the Sens’o’Roll gym ball is the very Physio Roll shape, but the distinguishing feature is its surface, where small bumps are to be found...

RM 348.00

Gymnic Sensyball (Yellow) Physiotherapy Massage Ball

The Sensyball balls physiotherapy massage ball are soft and pleasant to touch. Thanks to their bumps they provide a healthy stimulation of the pressur..

RM 30.00

Gymnic Sit 'on' Air 37 x 37 x 6 Blue Air Pad

The Sit On Air Air Pad is a dynamic inflatable cushion which, thanks to its shape, has a double use. With its bump towards the external part of the ch..

RM 198.00

Gymnic Sit'n'Gym 55 cm (Red) Gym Ball

The Sit’n’Gym Ball a modern reinterpretation of the chair, provides the same beneficial effects of correct posture maintenance as the classic physioth..

RM 168.00

Gymnic Sit'n'Gym Jr. 35 cm Gym Ball

The Sit’n’Gym Jr.35 gym ball, which is designed for children and is used in the elementary schools, provides the same beneficial effects of correct po..

RM 108.00

Gymnic Sit'n'Gym Perla BRQ Gym Ball

The Sit’n’Gym Perla, a modern reinterpretation of the chair, has the same technical features as the Sit’n’Gym, but it is manufactured in an elegant pe..

RM 168.00

Gymnic Soffy Play and Beach Ball 45 cm Physiotherapy Gym Ball

The Soffy ball can be considered as the larger version of the Over Ball. It is resistant and soft, easy to grab and is suitable for beach games and ou..

RM 90.00

Gymnic Softgym Over 23 cm (Red/Yellow/Blue) Gym Ball

The Softgym Over gym ball is a soft, light and resistant ball, which allows to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening t..

RM 38.00

Gymnic Softplay Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

Handball, volleyball, football, basketball. The Softplay ball range, thanks to a good compromise between softness and consistency, is suggested as a v..

RM 45.00

Gymnic Speedy Base w/ Wheels for Rody, Raffy, Giffy, and Kody Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

Hard plastic wheeled base to apply to items Rody, Gyffy, Raffy. Insert the paws in the dedicated holes; our hopping animals will turn into fun and dyn..

RM 220.00

Gymnic Sportball 20 cm (Yellow) Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The Sportball is useful to enhance reflexes and coordination. It is used as a training tool for handball, volleyball and football training sessions. I..

RM 90.00

Gymnic Stability Wheel Proprioception Training Board Balance Pad

This proprioceptive footboard is a valid aid to physical and rehabilitation activity as it allows different kinds of exercises in order to improve bal..

RM 350.00

Gymnic Thera Bolly Finger and Hand Training Set of 28pcs Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The Thera Bolly is an amusing game which fosters prehensility and manipulation. The coloured small balls, which are equipped with a sucker, can stick ..

RM 330.00

Gymnic Therasensory Ball Physiotherapy Gym Ball

The Therasensory ball, as against the classic physiotherapy ball, presents small bumps on its whole surface. The stimulating action that this particul..

RM 188.00

Gymnic Training Bowl 18 cm Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The Training Bowl, which is a good alternative to the classic Kettlebell, does not damage the employment surface, thanks to the resilient material it ..

RM 248.00

Gymnic Training Roll Green Foam Roller

The Training Roll Foam roller is recommended as the development and alternative to the Fit-Ball Roller. It differs from the Fit-Ball Roller in that it..

RM 198.00

Gymnic Vita-Roll Inflatable Cushion Air Cushion

This inflatable cushion gym ball, which is an effective lumbar support, can be used on several occasions during your day. It can be applied to the bac..

RM 108.00

Gymnic Volleyball 22 cm (Yellow) Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The Volleyball is soft to touch and easy to seize. It is suggested both for playful activities and for low-impact training. It is mainly indicated for..

RM 45.00

Herculife Body Charger Recumbent Bike Total Body Trainer Pro HL-BHH775

Total Body Trainer (Commercial)Total body workoutSmoothest and natural upper and lower body motionsLarge 9″ back lit white LCD display touch panel wit..

Herculife Body Charger Commercial Elliptical HL-BH815

PRODUCT FEATURESErgonomically smoothest moving to provide total body cardiovascular workoutWorkout stride: 23″ Stride Length (Oval Distance)Deluxe Ove..

Herculife Body Charger Dual Action Recumbent Stepper Pro Rehabilitation

FeaturesDual-Action Recumbent Stepper (Commercial)Total body workout with independently systems for right and left sides.Smoothest and natural steppin..

Herculife Body Charger Motorized Commercial Treadmill Pro


Herculife Body Charger Recumbent Bike Pro Cardio Cycling


Herculife Body Charger Recumbent Cross Trainer Pro Rehabilitation

Riding recumbent cross helps to build up major muscles in hips, thigh, and buttocks. It also avoids impacting lower-body joints. The large, comfortabl..