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Neuro Rehab

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Meden Inmed Neuroforma Motor and Cognitive Rehabilitation System

Neuroforma for centres is an innovative device for exercising motor and cognitive functions and balance control created by neurorehabilitation and neu..

Stella Bio EMG-Triggered EMS and FES (Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Functional Electric Stimulation) Device

Stella Bio - Electromyography And Electrical Stimulation For Clinical And Home UseA lightweight and versatile device that can assist any kind of patie..

Adult Feeding Evaluation Kit

This recently updated kit contains a variety of special eating utensils selected to help explore and solve the problems which delay or prevent self-fe..

Assorted Square and Round Pegboard

The Assorted Square and Round Pegboard is ideal in occupational therapy. It's also great for recovery after a hand, wrist, or forearm surgery and inju..

Box & Block Test

Box & Block TestThis kit is a portable version of the standardised Box and Block Test. The test is easy to administer and measure while providing ..

Complex Form Board

The Complex Form Board has 12 shapes for evaluation and training in form constancy, position in space, shape recognition and sequencing as well as tea..

Cylinder Pegs

The Cylinder Pegs is a game that helps with dexterity by matching the pegs into their matching cylinder. This can be used in a therapeutic setting or ..

Dressing Frame Sets

The Dressing Frame Sets provides a device that allows and encourages independent dressing and self care by developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coor..

Graded Pegboard

Graded Pegboard is ideal for occupational therapy. It helps with finger and hand strength as well as dexterity. The range in pegs varies the difficult..

Lace & Trace Shapes

Feature two extra-long laces and 30 wooden beads in six vibrant colors and five distinct shapes. Lacing Beads are great for a variety of activities. S..

Multi-Task Dressing Vest

The Multi-Task Dressing Vest offers ability the ability to practice dressing skills like buttoning, zipping, and snapping for children or adults with ..

Pattern Blocks & Boards

Pattern Blocks & Boards are excellent for both children and adults to help work on spacial skills. With so many pieces, the storage case is extra ..

Pediatric/Youth/Adult Feeding Evaluation Kit

Specifically designed for pediatrics and youths, this kit contains a variety of special eating utensils selected to help explore and solve the problem..

Prop-it Speech Therapist's Tool Kit

The Prop-it Speech Therapist's Tool Kit comes in a travel-size pack and includes everything needed for speech therapy. Besides the many accessories, t..

Shape Sorting Cube

The Shape Sorting Cube is a hardwood box that has side and top cut-outs that correspond to each shape. A small clink is heard when the proper shape dr..

Shoulder Arc, Single Curve

The Shoulder Arc, Single Curve includes 28 movable colored tabs for ROM exercises, crossing the midline, eye/hand coordination and pinch strengthening..

Stacking Cone Pattern Board

The Stacking Cone Pattern Board is an arm exerciser and eye hand coordination exerciser that allows therapists to incorporate sequencing tasks for fol..

Upper Extremity Workstation

Upper Extremity Workstations feature a four-sided design that makes optimal used of limited therapy space, and encourages social interaction among cli..

Luna EMG Neurological Rehabilitation Robot Stroke Rehab

What is Luna EMG? Luna EMG is a Multi-functional, Multi-limb, Robotic Rehab device for Neurological and Orthopedic Conditions. I..

Meden Eleveo Dynamic Body Weight Support System and Unweighing for Gait Training

Eleveo is a training device for simultaneous control of unloading, posture and balance on a treadmill or from surfaces. Systems providing dynamic unlo..