Orthopedic Care

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Lumbar Stretcher and Massager for Back and Vertebrae Correction and Alignment

Lumbar Stretcher and Massager- Ergonomic design.- 4 adjustable settings.- Waist acupoint massage.- As a waist pillow.- The waist acupoint massage.- Ma..

RM 49.00

Isogai Alignment Belt Set (3pcs)

Isogai Alignment Belts work together with the Back Healer to fight spinal ailments, structural degeneration and body imperfections. The result of the ..

RM 389.00

Isogai Back Healer

The Back-Healer is a home based self-therapy unit, with its main purpose to provide a solution for back pain, body distortion, frozen shoulders or leg..

RM 433.00

Isogai Leg and Knee Therapy Chair

Knee pain affects the daily life of millions of senior citizens.Knee pain, creaking noise, soreness and weakness on both legs are major reasons for ma..

RM 628.00

Isogai Lumbar Roll

A special made latex correction roll that is firm and springy. It holds up, supports, stretches and realigns spinal imperfection. The correction roll ..

RM 277.00

Isogai Neck Healer

The Neck Healer removes built-up tension and congestion along the cervical spine (C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, T1, T2) by the passive gravity of the user’s..

RM 457.00