Patient Lifts / Hoists & Slings

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Bestcare Universal Deluxe Padded Sling with Full Head Support

The Universal Sling is made for easy application and minimized discomfort. Universal slings or “U” shaped slings mold around the body easily. ..

RM 1,543.90

Walking Sling

WALKING SLINGThe walking sling can be used for gait training with Ergolet’s Luna ceiling lift or Ergolet´s Ergo Trainer – weight relief system. The sl..

RM 1,850.00

Herculife Patient Lift

Patient LiftsPatient lifts are designed to lift and transfer patients from one place to another (e.g., from bed to bath, chair to stretcher). These sh..

RM 7,590.00

Herculife Patient Lift Home Use Foldable

Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand, with maximum space for the user the Birdie Hoist offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to..

RM 7,590.00

Meden Eleveo Dynamic Body Weight Support System and Unweighing for Gait Training

Eleveo is a training device for simultaneous control of unloading, posture and balance on a treadmill or from surfaces. Systems providing dynamic unlo..