Electrotherapy & TENS

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Herculife 4 Channel Digital TENS / EMS

The HL-EV906 Digital TENS/EMS is a combination stimulator of TENS and EMS which can be used for muscle stimulation and pain relief. This device is a b..

RM 578.00

Herculife Comfy Stim Digital EMS / TENS

The Comfy Stim is a combination unit of TENS and EMS. It features 5 TENS modes and 2 EMS modes. The pulse width, pulse rate, ramp time, on time, off t..

RM 349.00

Herculife Comfy TENS

The Comfy TENS featured 5 stimulation modes and adjustable pulse width, pulse rate and treatment timer. Its large liquid display showing the mode name..

RM 319.00

Hercusense TENS / EMS / IFT Electrode Pads Square - 40 x 40 mm (50 pcs)

* This product is sold in units of 50pcsSize: 40 x 40mmShape: SquareEasy to apply and secure self-adhesive, reusable electrode2mm thick latex free non..

RM 125.00

Hercusense TENS / EMS / IFT Electrode Pads Circle Shaped - 22 x 22 mm (50 pcs)

* This product is sold in units of 50pcs.Size: 22 x 22mmShape: CircleEasy to apply and secure self-adhesive, reusable electrode2mm thick latex free no..

RM 90.00

Compex SP 6.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster.Designed for athletes who practice their activity more than 3 ti..

RM 3,996.00

Compex SP 8.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulator For Pro Athletes

Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.Designed for athletes, SP 8.0 is the ..

RM 5,745.00

Hercusense ECG / EMG Electrode Drop-Shaped Ag/AgCl - 36 x 42mm (50 pcs)

* This product is sold in units of 50pcs.** Purchase 2 units or more for a 28% discount.Size: 36 x 42mmShape: TeardropEasy to apply and secure self-ad..

RM 50.00

Hercusense TENS / EMS / IFT Electrode Rectangle-Shaped Pads - 60 x 90mm (20pcs)

* This product is sold in units of 20pcs.Size: 60 x 90mmShape: RectangleEasy to apply and secure self-adhesive, reusable electrode2mm thick latex free..

RM 100.00

Kinetec TENS Handheld Electrotherapy

The Kinetec Tens is an advanced and modern, digital dual channel TENS unit featuring 11 built-in and 3 custom channels. Three different treatment mode..

RM 580.00

Physiomed Ionoson-Do-Evident

The new benchmark for electro-, ultrasound- and simultaneous therapy as well as deep oscillation in the fourth channel   Ultrasound transducer 36..

Physiomed Ionoson-Expert

Professional electro-, ultrasound, simultaneous and vacuum therapy for hospitals, rehab and physiotherapy centres   Ultrasound transducer 360° Th..

RM 19,780.00

Physiomed Magcell Arthro

Pain-alleviating and movement-promoting effect for osteoarthritis   Product description MAGCELL® ARTHRO significantly improves general symptoms (..

RM 2,200.00

Physiomed Magcell Microcric

Blood flow stimulation and reduction of sensory neurotoxicities in cytostatic-induced polyneuropathy   Product description MAGCELL® MICROCIRC can..

RM 2,180.00

V2U NMES D1 7500 Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator

NMES is a muscle stimulator that works by sending electronic pulses to the muscles needing treatment, causing the muscle to exercise passivelyIntended..

RM 325.00

V2U TENS D1 7000 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling pain. It sends tiny electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves in order to modify the ..

RM 285.00