Exercise Balls

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LP Support Anti-Burst Gym Ball With Foot Pump - 75cm (Grey)

From the most experienced and established expert in rehabilitative and preventative support and brace technology, LP Support, comes a newly developed ..

RM 86.00

Anti-Burst Gym Ball for Yoga Pilates Fitness Fun Activity 65cm (Silver)

Improve your workouts with this stylish silver gym ball now!Arguably the most versatile fitness accessory ever, this humble ball is anything but simpl..

RM 69.00 RM 48.00

CanDo Inflatable Balance Discs

CanDo inflatable vestibular disc mimics the movement and shape of an Inflatable ball when used on any seat. Use it on the floor as a standing disc for..

RM 407.90

CanDo Leg Stretcher

Stability and support for stretching lower leg. Rocker is the ultimate tool for preventing and relieving plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tight..

RM 235.90

Gymnic Active Roll L 75 cm Grey Foam Roller

The Active Roll Foam Roller, a small roller with soft bumps for a comfortable massage, stimulates the blood circulation and provides the whole body wi..

RM 68.00

Gymnic Activity Ball 50 cm Gym Ball

It is a transparent ball gym ball with some multi-coloured small balls within. The ball movement fosters the inner small ball movements, stimulating t..

RM 268.00

Gymnic Aku Ball 20 cm Green Activity Massage Toy

The Aku Ball, which is similar to the Sensyball, differs in terms of material hardness. This higher consistency is suitable for those who prefer a str..

RM 118.00

Gymnic Aku Ring 17 cm Activity Massage Toy

The Aku Ring Activity massage toy is a soft and flexible ring.It is manufactured with bumps, which transmit a pleasant sensory impulse. The peculiarit..

RM 48.00

Gymnic Arte 55 cm BRQ Gym Ball

The Gymnic Arte ball gym ball has the same technical features as the Gymnic Plus ball, but it offers unique colour versions, which always differ. It i..

RM 198.00

Gymnic Ball Support

This base gym ball is designed to hold the ball but also to enable its beneficial movement. It is available in two sizes. Base “S” for Ø 45 – 55 cm b..

RM 328.00

Gymnic Beauty Reflex Soft 2 Piece Set Physiotherapy Massage Ball

The Beauty Reflex ball can be used in the same application field as the Reflexball, but it differs from it because of its texture. The Beauty Reflex i..

RM 60.00

Gymnic Bene-feet Mat Orange Foot Massage Mat

The Bene-Feet Mat, thanks to its long flexible bumps, makes the concept of feet massage evolve towards an active-reactive level. Among the main benefi..

RM 248.00

Gymnic Body Ball BRQ

The main feature of the Body Ball gym ball is its remarkable softness, which is due to its extraordinary resiliency that differentiates this item from..

RM 180.00

Gymnic Bravo Electric Inflator 230V

A.C. inflator/deflator 220/230V; It can inflate and deflate. The new revolving "handle" system allows to keep the air flow always constant, thus favor..

RM 980.00

Gymnic Cavallo "Rody" Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

The Rody horse Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy is a funny and valuable support for the body movement. It helps developing balance, movement skills and coo..

RM 298.00

Gymnic Classic Physiotherapy Gym Ball

This is the gym ball first item which was ever manufactured within the Gymnic line. This ball is a specific tool to foster recovery from neurological ..

RM 148.00

Gymnic Classic Plus BRQ Gym Ball

The Gymnic Classic Plus gym ball has the same features as the Gymnic Plus ball but offers the same colours as the Gymnic Classic range, which have bec..

RM 180.00

Gymnic Comfort'a'Back w/o cover Lumbar Roll, Air Cushion

The Comfort’a’Back Lumbar roll, air cushion is an inflatable cushion which, thanks to its specially shaped form, allows to take a correct posture by c..

RM 248.00

Gymnic Core Balance 40 cm Grey Balance Ball

The Core Balance 40 Balance Ball is a multi-functional tool which can be used for different kinds of training, i.e. from fitness to post-traumatic kne..

RM 960.00

Gymnic Dis'o'Bocce 95 (1box) Balance Pad

Soft small-sized plates which are used to create new games. Disc’o’Bocce is a multi-functional toy which can be used for the classic bowls game or as ..

RM 168.00

Gymnic Disc'O'Sit 32 Red Balance Pad

The Disc’o’Sit Balance Pad was first manufactured as a sitting cushion, but then has established itself in the functional training sector as well. Tod..

RM 199.00

Gymnic Disc'O'Sit 39 Blue Balance Pad

The Disc’o’Sit Balance Pad was first manufactured as a sitting cushion, but then has established itself in the functional training sector as well. Tod..

RM 248.00

Gymnic Disc'O'Sport 55 Balance Pad

The Disco Sport balance pad is the larger version of the Disc’o’Sit. One side is covered by small bumps which provide a pleasant massaging feeling. It..

RM 428.00

Gymnic Easy Grip 12 cm Sensory Ball

The Easy Grip ball is characterised by soft bumps which cover its surface and for its softness to the touch. It is suitable as a toy for small childre..

RM 38.00

Gymnic Educ'o'Disks 21

These thin, soft coloured disks, together with the hand and foot adhesive shapes they are supplied with, allow to create always new routes in order to..

RM 380.00

Gymnic Fanty Ball (Pink)

The Fantyball is a soft and resistant ball, which is easy to grab and pleasant to touch. Its high bouncing capacity makes it suitable for playful and ..

RM 60.00

Gymnic Faster Blaster Pump

Double Action pump with comfortable handle. It is ideal to inflate rapidly small and medium-sized balls (up to Ø 75 cm), Rody, Gyffy and Raffy. In ord..

RM 60.00

Gymnic Fit-Ball Roller Max 18 cm (Grey) Gym Ball

The Fit-Ball Roller gym ball, thanks to the same resiliency and softness as the Gymnic balls, is an effective alternative to hard cylinders. This mult..

RM 248.00

Gymnic Fitball BRQ

The Fit-Ball gym ball, the fitness ball par excellence, has been the first ball to be used in this sector, giving even the name to the discipline itse..

RM 180.00

Gymnic Flexi Needle Pump

Needle pump equipped with a flexible extension, which ensures to avoid damaging the item valve when the product is inflated. Capacity: 2 x 75 ccMade ..

RM 60.00

Gymnic Freeball Gym Ball

Small play balls, which are easy to grip. Available in 4 sizes and 4 colours. The Freeballs are suitable for entertainment games both for individuals ..

RM 9.00

Gymnic Gyffy Yellow Inflatable Bouncy Horse Toy

The pretty little face of Gyffy the giraffe catches children’s liking, because of its sweetness. Gyffy has the same features as the Rody horse. Thanks..

RM 298.00

Gymnic Gym Ball 30 cm Magenta Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The smaller version of the Gymnic Classic ball has the same features of the larger version. Thanks to its limited size, the Gym Ball is used in paedia..

RM 88.00

Gymnic Gym Ring 18 cm Activity Massage Toy

The Gym Ring is a soft colourd ring which is ideal for motor- and recreational activities. These rings can be used for several group games and encoura..

RM 48.00

Gymnic Heavymed Medicine Gym Ball

The Heavymed balls, which are designed for group or individual training, concentrate their weight in a compact volume. They are filled exclusively wit..

RM 78.00

Gymnic Hop Fantasy 45 cm Transparent w/stars Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

The transparent version of the Hop ball has the same technical and functional features as the standard Hop ball. The multi-coloured little stars on it..

RM 180.00

Gymnic Hop Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

A dynamic toy which fosters children’s coordination and balance, by combining amusement and healthy motor activity. The grip safety is provided by the..

RM 168.00

Gymnic Jinglin'Ball 55 cm Gym Ball

This is a transparent ball gym ball with four small bells which ring when the ball moves. The Jinglin’ Ball is a tool which can be used by vision-chal..

RM 268.00

Gymnic Junior Stones 6 Piece Set Physiotherapy Exercise Ball

Ideal to enhance balance and proprioception, the Junior Stones can be used to play in groups and create courses by using the various item colours. One..

RM 330.00